About DJ

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Hi, my name is DJ. I’ve been messing around with computers since the 1980s. I’ve worked on lots of different machines, everything from the Commodore 64, airline reservation systems, and my current (favorite) laptop, a System76 Darter Pro.

I’ve spent most of my adult life as an artist, creating graphic design, illustration, animation, and even running my own screen printing business.

At 50, I decided to switch careers and get back into computers and programming. In 2020, I started freelancing as a WordPress consultant, helping people manage their sites. I’ve been working in WordPress since 2009, so it seemed like a logical start.

Even though I come from a visual design background, I found that I love working on the backend most, managing MySQL databases, fixing hosting issues, and keeping sites updated.

As I got into modifying PHP files to tweak themes and plugins, I started to look into WordPress development more seriously. That led me to learn JavaScript, a necessary component in building cool things for WP.

I also picked up books on Bash, machine learning, and data science. The more I explored those different paths the more I geeked out and wanted to learn about all of them.

I am always learning. It takes a certain amount of humility to admit what you don’t know and start from the beginning. I kind of enjoy that feeling. Once you get used to not knowing things and being cool with that, all kinds of opportunities open up.

It’s popular in tech these days to talk about focusing on one thing so you can get a good job. Since I’ve never been interested in taking the popular route, I decided that I would just learn whatever I needed to build whatever project I’m working on.

On this site, I’ll be posting about my latest projects, what I’m learning, where I’m stuck, and generally geeking out about things like the Raspberry Pi, Scheme, open source, and IoT devices.

Get in Touch

I love talking to people about tech. I do a lot of it on Mastadon (@itsjustdj@tech.lgbt), which is probably the best way to reach me (my DMs are open). You can also send me an email if you prefer.